Ecole Chinoise(Mandarin) de Montréal
Montreal Chinese(Mandarin)School

About School

Established in 1983 by a group of enthusiastic parents, the MONTREAL CHINESE (MANDARIN) SCHOOL is an independent, non-profit, purely education-based organization run entirely by volunteers. The founding principles of the school support the apolitical, non-denominational, and equality-based education of the Montreal Chinese in their mother tongue, in addition to the promotion of Chinese culture and cultural exchange among all peoples.

The total student enrollment is approximately 1400, with language classes ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 12, Youth classes, Mandarin conversation classes and cultural classes. The instruction time is two hours per week on Sunday only, either in the morning or the afternoon. There are two semesters per school year with 15 weeks to a semester.

Pinyin system has been introduced for the regular Mandarin classes. Students have a choice of either taking the traditional or simplified characters class. Advanced level students also receive extra lessons, including among others, an introduction to Chinese History and Geography.

The school organization is headed by the Board of Directors, with the school administration and Parents Association as two of the main pillars of support. The current board has 18 directors with a maximum of 19 directorships available.

The MONTREAL CHINESE (MANDARIN) SCHOOL plays an active role locally and nationally as a principal member of the Canadian Chinese Language Association, as well as internationally, by sending delegates to various overseas conferences.

Being a non-profit organization, school operations are financed mainly on balanced budget principle. Staff members are all volunteers, except for teachers, who are awarded a token amount. Annual tuition fees are as follows:

Classes Tuition Fee ($)
Language Classes 160.00 – 200.00
Conversational Classes 200.00
Cultural Classes 140.00 – 200.00


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